My Nemesis: The Narrow Hallway (Part 1)

Update: Check out the Narrow Hallway Reveal here.

About a year ago I was pretty gung ho for all things renovation.  The first floor projects were being tackled and accomplished one by one.  The renovations on the second floor had begun – – I was slapping up trim with vigor and nailing board and batten with wild abandon…the more the merrier!!  Then, after I practically ran my air compressor to exhaustion, I surveyed my work and thought “Holy $#!%…I have to caulk, spackle and paint all of this!!!”  And so that brings us to today, roughly a year later, with lots of trim, and no caulk in sight.

hall 2aHere we have the hallway on closing day.  It was beige everything… carpet, walls, ceiling.  My least favorite part?  The hollow, faux wood doors with brass hardware.  Ugh.

narrow hallway with no doors

narrow hallway empty

Within the first few days of ownership, all the doorways were removed along with the carpet and trim.  It was looking better (okay, it’s rough, but I’m good with progress) already.

narrow hall refinished floorsI think this is why some projects take soooo long for me.  I don’t always work in the right order.  I painted the hallway and then sanded the floors down.

master door framed inPlease excuse this picture…all of the haze is actually drywall dust.  After I painted the walls and refinished the floors, the original master door was framed in.

new master doorway double doorsAfter that, the last doorway in the hall was made wider to become the new master.  Do you know how much spackling and painting had to be redone?  Why didn’t I just wait to paint?!  Like I said, my projects take sooo long (mostly because I work backwards a lot of the time).  Oh well.  That’s just how I roll.

narrow  hall board and battenHere is where we are today.  Obviously I missed a few photos along the way.  The new craftsman 3 panel doors were installed (love love love them!!) and most had the correct oil rubbed bronze hardware.  All the new doors were trimmed in a simple craftsman style trim and board and batten was added all along the hallway.

narrow hall board and batten carpet runner

I’m sure you can see some of what still needs to be done.  I have been staring at this hallway for close to a year in this state.  And to be honest, I could probably live with this for years to come.  I have ZERO desire to finish it!

3 panel craftsman door

The doors still need to be painted.  This door needs new hinges and a door knob.

corner of board and batten

All of the board and batten still needs to be caulked, spackled and painted.  It’s dreadful, to me.  I could probably bang it out in a day if I just committed to it.  Do any of you have this issue?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

board and batten

You can see how the board and batten is a different color than the wall.  I used pre-primed MDF 1×3’s and 1×4’s.  They are my favorite to work with.

light switch and craftsman doorThe light switches need updated too.  All of the switches and outlets in this house had been painted over many times.  I’m not even sure how that’s safe.

boxer dog gigiGigi often follows me around the house.  So, as I was taking the hallway pictures, I looked down and saw this precious little face.

boxer dog droolingThen I stepped back and saw this…full drool!

boxer dog droolingAnd as she moved, the drool just blew in the breeze!  Luckily she slurped it back up so I didn’t have a puddle on my floor.  So gross:)

narrow hallwaySo back to the hallway…This is where we are now.  Anthony has put us me on a moratorium: I’m not permitted to do any crafting project or work on any other part of the house until the hallway is done.  Oh yeah, and I have until Sunday, February 1 to get it done.  In reality this whole thing should only take a day.  But, I’ll procrastinate and day dream and it will take me every minute of my weekend.  Anthony is taking the board and batten and outlets while I’m in charge of the doors and door trim.  Easy!  Done!  Right?

So, here is my pledge…Come Monday, February 2, this hallway will be completed.  The moratorium will be lifted, my laziness will have evaporated, and I’ll reclaim my vigor for all things renovation!

bathroom window craftman trimOh yeah, and I’m supposed to finish the hall bath.  It’s been 90% complete since November 2013 (wow, I really slacked here, too).  I think I have a problem finishing rooms.  Anyone else have this issue?  I can’t be alone here, right?  Well, I have a weekend to get to work.  Fingers crossed!

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  • Bridgid - The hallway looks fantastic. I was wondering where you found the craftmans doors. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Thanks so much! The doors were ordered through a company called 84 Lumber.ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Brubaker - Hello, We have a very narrow hallway as well. I love what you did! It’s inspiring! I was wondering where the rug was purchased? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Hi Kimberly, thanks so much:) The rug is from Target. It’s actually 2 runners put together.ReplyCancel

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