One Room Challenge: Week 2

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge!  If you’re new to the #ORC, feel free to check out week one, hereFor those who are familiar, let’s begin!

one room challenge

Week one started here…

dining room with board and batten and wood floors

…a light and bright dining room that lacked the rustic/industrial/farmhouse feel I love.  My goal?  Not a huge budget breaking transformation…just simply add that rustic farmhouse feel into my space.

As for the actual progress I’ve made this week?  It hasn’t been huge.  Week two has us here…  metal seating, board and batten

As I was perusing my Pinterest Dining Room board, it was pretty clear I was drawn to metal, industrial chairs.  So, that’s where I started this week.  But, before we get into more of my current dining room, lets look at  some inspiration.  Because really, is there any better way to share ideas than to share inspirational pictures???  I think not. 

Metal armchairs.  Yes, please!  Hands down, my favorite.   I set off to find my very own metal armchairs.  As luck would have it, lots of places sell them… World Market, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Target, Anthropologie, Amazon, Overstock…they’re everywhere.  Their prices are everywhere, too.

I was about to pull the trigger on Restoration Hardware’s Marcel Armchair when I decided to check their measurements against my table.

As it turns out, the armchair wouldn’t fit under my table.  With a good/normal sized dining room, that wouldn’t be a problem.  But, I have a small house.  A small house means small rooms.  My dining room is no exception.  I know I’ve mentioned it before – – when you have a small space, planning is everything!  So, I ruled out my #1 pick and went with my backup…Remy.

On the plus side, Remy is $30 cheaper per chair.  Score!  As my #2 pick, Remy isn’t too shabby.  But a metal chair?  For a dining room?  How on earth will that be comfortable?  I checked and double checked reviews – – they all said it’s “surprisingly comfortable.”  I pulled the trigger and ordered four.

dr2, 2

I love the look!  Anthony loves the look!

As far as comfort?  Eh.  Let’s be serious here, people.  These things are made of metal.  You’re not snuggling up to them.  With that being said, I see seat cushions in the near future.  We are talking metal chairs.  They need cushion.  The look is great.  The feel?  Metal.  Just being honest.

dr2, 5

Another reason to love these chairs is that they take up so little room.  They take up less visual space and less physical space.  My dining room actually feels bigger now.  The future plan includes building or buying a bench for the empty side of the table.  That will provide 2-3 more seats.  I will be able to seat 6 people now in my small dining room.  Woo hoo!

dr2, 3

I also started working on the decorations for the room.  I added this barn wood ladder – – that I’ll do something with…

dr2, 8And I starting drawing different images on the chalkboard office/dining room organizer…

dr2, 9…I’m not loving that image.  I’ll keep working, though.

metal seating, board and batten

Thanks for stopping by to check out my progress.  Be sure to come back next week to see if I’ve made headway to a rustic, industrial dining room.  Don’t forget to head over to Calling it Home and check out week two updates from dozens of talented bloggers.  I’ll see you next week!

  • Sabrina @ Pink Little Notebook - Teresa I loveeee those chairs! They look amazing in the room and pair up nicely with your table. Great find :)ReplyCancel

  • Always Rad - Love where this is going!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Lauren May - I like the direction you’re going, too! Instead of a bench, have you considered using two of your old white chairs at the ends of the table…maybe with long slipcovers to hide the legs, giving a more “grounded” and symmetrical look? Just a thought….I’m only a stalker. :)ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Thanks for stalking!! I do love the idea of using the white chairs as the head chairs. Maybe I’ll see if I can convince my husband to keep 2 of them. I actually started with the long slipcovers and I loved the look but they got crazy dirty. The dog would wipe her face all over them and then scratch her back along the sides. They didn’t stay pretty for very long, so we switched to the smaller covers. Thanks for the idea!ReplyCancel

  • Molly - Have you gotten the cushions for the chairs? If so where did you find them? Or did you have to get them made?? Love the look of your dining room!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Hi Molly, I never did make cushions. I was planning to make them because they are an odd size. I didn’t make them because the chairs are surprisingly comfortable. Seriously! I just had people over last week and they all commented on how comfy the chairs were and how they couldn’t figure out why they were comfy because the chairs are metal. So, odds are I won’t make them. And I’m super happy with the chairs. Thanks for visiting!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - After a year, how are you liking these Remy chairs? Any complaints or issues? About to get some myself to replace my Sinclair chairs (they make a weird cracking noise) and just wanted someone’s opinion…thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - I love them! I never did make cushions for them, and I don’t think I need them. They are great chairs… spills and stains are no issue, and they are fairly comfortable given that they are metal. I highly recommend these chairs. Thanks for visiting!!ReplyCancel

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