ORC Week #5: Neutral to Rustic Nursery

Woo hoo – – we are headed to the finish line!  This is week #5 of the One Room Challenge and I’m pumped.  Not because I’ve accomplish a lot, but because I know it’s more than I would have achieved if I hadn’t participated in this challenge.  So, yay me!

dog baby gender announcement

And in other “yay” news, this week we found out that we are having a girl!  And what is a crazy dog person supposed to do with this news?  Announce it with a picture of our first baby girl, Gigi, of course.  However, she was not thrilled to be in this picture…she was terrified of the balloons.  I guess I’m mostly to blame seeing as I had originally tied them to her collar.  Then the wind blew.  Then the balloons swooped.  Then Gigi had a nervous breakdown at the tender age of 3.  No worries, though.  After a nap and some snuggles, she was good as new…kind of:)

 This week has been all out figuring out the fun stuff.  We decided to go with the white deer head.  We thought it was maybe slightly less jarring than the giant moose head.  Maybe?  Kind of?  It’s hasn’t been delivered yet so I can’t wait to see it…I think.

ikea ektorp jennylund chair nursery

 We decided to go with Ikea’s Ektorp Jennylund chair.  It is so much smaller than most rocking chairs so that works really well in my tiny room.  We will be ordering a swivel rocker to replace the feet so that the chair will actually rock.  I washed the cover and it hadn’t dried yet so no picture of that, sorry.

different lamp base

 While walking through Ikea we came across this lamp.  Anthony and I both liked that it was slightly different from your standard floor lamp.  Also, it’s so slim, and that again is a fine feature for a tiny room.  The only problem was the color.  I normally love everything ORB, but I am trying to limit the “dark” in this room.  Spray paint to the rescue!  This little lamp will be painted white, like everything else.  I still have to find/make a fun lamp shade for a little girl:)

big metal letters

I found this large metal letter at Hobby Lobby and loved it.  They also had a letter with lights that I LOVED, but it was too small.  So sad.  Why L, you may ask?  Well, after 5 months of only having a boy’s name picked out we had to figure out a girl’s name.  And surprisingly we both agreed!  L is for Liliana.  Anthony has already shortened it to Lily, but I’m a fan of using real names, so she will be Liliana to me.  And Lily Pad to my 9 year old niece.  And Liana to my father-in-law who speaks broken English and thinks it’s the same name.  He is the cutest man ever!

pink dresser knobs  Another find at Hobby Lobby was these dresser knobs.  I’m going to make hooks out of these…hopefully.

scripture nursery picture

 And as projects go, I’d like to make some inexpensive art work to go over the crib.  I love this passage and plan to paint it on some scrap wood.  I have a busy week ahead of me.

Yet another project is making shelves.  Anthony vetoed adding any more wood tones in the room, but wanted pipe shelf brackets.  I found this 1 picture of what he had in mind.  I’m still not convinced but I’m going to give it a try, nonetheless.

That was it for this week.  I did a lot of shopping and planning, mostly…not a lot of action.  I’m still on the hunt for soft baskets for toys, a side table for the chair, and a lamp shade, not to mention that I have to build and install shelves, make and hang the artwork, hang the “L” and deer head, make some hooks, and build a growth chart.  I probably shouldn’t have slacked so much these past few weeks.  Oops!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out all the other bloggers in the ORC.  See you next week for the final reveal!

  • Tammy - Yeah for a sweet baby girl! Congratulations! Loved your announcement picture!!!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Thanks so much Tammy! I love having Gigi in pictures, I just wish she enjoyed it more:)ReplyCancel

  • Tee @ Beauteeful Living - Congratulations on the baby girl news! Woohoo, you’re gonna love being a mama to a little girl. I have 2 of them :). Gigi is the cutest little thing. I loved that photo of her the baby girl announcement. What a hoot! Can’t wait to see your room’s big reveal next week. Good luck! – TeeReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Oh thanks so much Tee! I’m already loving all the cute girl clothes I’ve been getting from friends…so much cuter than boy clothes! I’m pretty excited. Gigi’s little face cracks me up. I can’t wait to get her picture with a baby crawling all over her!! Thanks again:)ReplyCancel

  • Emily, Our house now a home - This is going to be such a sweet bedroom! Congrats on finding out you are having a girl, I adore her name. That wood plank wall is stunning. I am doing the one room challenge as well and cannot believe next week is the end. So much to do! Excited to see your room reveal next week!ReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - Thanks Emily! I love the wall but am now trying to add a bit of femininity to the space. I hope it works!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Hey Teresa, first major congrats on baby girl news! So exciting! Our dog Bailey is our first born, and he’s the older brother to two girls! I love all the details of this nursery, especially your Hobby Lobby finds, one of my favorite stores & colors! Can’t wait to see all the details on reveal day! Let’s do this! XOXO, SarahReplyCancel

    • Teresa P - I love dog people! They just get it – -thanks so much! I’m excited to see it completed since I’m still so far off. Thanks!!ReplyCancel

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