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Welcome!  I’m Teresa, the voice behind the blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

My husband, Anthony, and I purchased our 2nd fixer upper in 2013.  This house of ours is a small, 1960’s colonial with loads of 1980’s charm.  Being a lover of all things rustic, farmhouse and industrial, and not having a huge budget, I had to get creative on this renovation.

Welcome to Life and Renovations! This blog is where I share the progress of turning our small, simple colonial into a home full of life and character.  I’ll be sharing loads of ideas, pictures and tutorials of all the projects and plans that make this house our home.  We don’t have a huge budget, so creativity, ingenuity, and plain old grunt labor are what we’re about!  Whether I’m building, baking, or decorating, I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks, and sometimes what not to do, throughout this renovation.

Please feel free to sit back and peruse the pages of my blog and maybe be inspired to be creative in your own home.  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you’ll stop by again!

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